Our Profile

We are a creative design agency that works with our clients to take them one step further, delivering real, tangible benefits to their businesses via web. We specialize in corporate website design, e-commerce development, intranets and extranets; creating web based technology solutions with a practical purpose.

Komova.net is a fast growing web site design enterprise that offers a practical design solutions for a wide range of other companies and organizations. We offer solutions utilizing the latest technologies to ensure the solutions we deliver today aren't out-of-date tomorrow. Our focused attitudes on customer service and attention to detail ensure that once a client you will remain a client.

Close working relationships with our clients enable us to clarify business objectives and establish creative strategies to enhance the value of each brand. We believe engaging design and appropriate technology are the weapons for which corporate communication can increase a business system.

Business Area

Improve your processes integrating software to:

  • Manage your business relation with your clientes and customers (CRM solutions, Customer Relationship Management)
  • Plan your enterprise resources ( ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • e-learning solution ( E-learning )
  • Comunication with your partners ( B2B, Business to Business)
  • Comunication with customers ( B2C, Business to Consumer)

Further Information

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